Wednesday, September 29, 2010

R&R Deli - Elkridge, MD

I had an intense internal struggle with whether I should share this gem because I didn't want my favorite taco joint to be overrun by the Columbia lunch crowd. Then I realized there's like five people who read this blog, 2/5 of the readership being myself and Nick. So anyways, R&R Deli is a little taqueria attached to a Shell station, that I actually discovered while fueling up one fateful Summer's eve. Imagine that, getting gas before eating tacos! THAT WAS FUNNY. DON'T JUDGE ME.

From what I know of Mexican cuisine (nothing), this place seems totally legit in terms of authenticity. Regardless of your choice of protein, each taco ($2) comes on a corn tortilla, topped with freshly chopped onions and cilantro, with fresh lime slices and chili sauce on the side. My personal favorite is the Taco de Lengua (Tongue) which is always juicy and delicious. They have a variety of meats to choose from, and everything is well seasoned and extremely tasty. I will say that sometimes the meat can be a little overcooked, as it is chopped into small pieces and cooked on the grill in mass quantities. I usually wash everything down with a cold Mexican Coca-Cola (real sugar!). If you're looking for something a little bit more hearty, I'd suggest trying the Carne Asada or Blackened Chicken entrees. The entrees come with a sizable portion of meat, rice & refried beans, grilled onions & peppers, and a few tortillas on the side.

In any case, R&R is dope as hell, which really goes to show you that excellent food can be found anywhere, even in some rando suburban gas station. I hope you don't believe me, because I don't want to wait in line for my damn tacos. R&R gets 125 fictional gold stars, and 20 post consumption deuce points.

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  1. Don't skip the soup! There is a lamb soup that they often have as a lunch special -- soup and a taco for $5. The ceviche was fun -- and certainly great to say "I ate ceviche in a gas station" -- but the soup was spectacular.

  2. Ditto Howchow's suggestion. Hey, wait! I heard about R&R through his enthusiastic recommendation. Eric, welcome to the local blogging scene.