Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Havana - Baltimore

My friends and I are always on the lookout for a new place for Sunday brunch. Looking at the menu online for Little Havana's 13.95 (though it's actually 14.95) brunch deal, I was quite excited. The price includes your choice of any one of the restaurant's brunch entrees and bottomless Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

I am glad that I was properly filled with pitchers of booze, because the food and service on our visit was absolutely terrible. Everyone at my table received their food and I was left wondering what happened to the Cuban style fried eggs I ordered. After notifying our server I waited another 15 minutes only to be given a completely different entree. After sending this food back I did finally receive the food that I had ordered (a full 90 minutes after ordering) long after the rest of the table had been cleared and everyone else in my party was finished eating.

Looking at the plate that was presented to me, I wish I had just stuck with the drinks. The eggs I was served were so overcooked that they could have been used to tile the roof of the restaurant.

Being that I work in the hospitality industry I can understand the kitchen can get flustered and that servers sometimes make mistakes. What really bothered me was the attitude of our server. At no time was I apologized to in anyway for not receiving food at all and then being given an entirely separate dish from what I had ordered. Our waitress essentially gave me the impression that I was a huge inconvenience to her and she didn't care what I thought because she could just add automatic gratuity to our check!

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression, sadly Little Havana made one that will never have me returning. I have been here in the past for the night life and my only advice would be to stick with this place for the mojitos and drinks, avoid the waitstaff and food as best you can.

World of Eats Rating - 2/10

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  1. In all fairness she did apologize when she handed you the final plate....

  2. Actually it was "My fault I couldn't read my own handwriting" and when I initially received nothing at all it was "well you should have" in a nice condescending 'not like it's my problem' kind of tone

  3. update your site out more. if i wasnt too lazy to take pics of what im eating id write this site for u