Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pollo Amigo - Towson, MD

Great Peruvian chicken places are littered all over the D.C area, but here in Baltimore, the offerings are much more sparse. In fact, the only one that I am aware of, is Pollo Amigo in Towson. There isn't much in the way of ambiance that this small strip mall eatery offers, but we are here for the food, dining room be damned.

The menu offers an interesting selection of authentic Mexican and Peruvian offerings. The Peruvian rotisserie chicken is without a doubt, the head attraction for most first time visitors, and it does not let down.

I ordered the half chicken platter ($6.95,) which came along with two sides. I went for beans and fried yucca (I wrote plantains before, what was I thinking?!?!). The chicken was moist and delicate - delicious in every way possible. Then there is the skin. My god the skin! Covered with a mixture of spices and seasonings that compliment the crispy, fatty texture of the surface in the best way.
Kim opted for the Carnitas Tacos($7.95). Actually, this is a lie. I ordered everything that I thought sounded good under the agreement that we would share. I was very happy to see the tacos were double wrapped and served with a side of pico de gallo in the traditional style. Very simple, very traditional, very tasty.

For the price of this amazing food and the portions delivered; I cannot fathom why anyone would ever eat generic chain-made, frozen, bland, sub par Latin food.

Pollo Amigo
714 York Road
Towson,MD 21204

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  1. I cannot WAIT to go here. Seriously. Thanks for reviewing this place, I am so excited to try that chicken!