Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bubble Express - Rockville, MD

After a full dumpling excursion in Rockville, it was decided that an after dinner beverage was in order, and what better than bubble tea. We chose Bubble Express on Rockville Pike.

Bubble Tea has been slowly making its way into every local shopping mall and asian eatery around. This iced beverage can be made from any number of teas and fruit flavorings and is filled with little tapioca "pearls." The cup comes with an over-sized straw. So with each little sip you not only get some liquid, but some chewy tapioca goodness as well. I went with the classic green tea flavor and was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The liquid/solid combo in a beverage can be somewhat of a turn off for many westerners, but it is really quite refreshing.

After a full meal one would think that bubble tea would be sufficient to calm my hunger, but no. Bubble Express also has a great little apps menu to enjoy your tea with. A great array of small eats to munch on while talking with friends. We chose the house specialty of Taiwanese Fried Chicken. This stuff was so good I ended up getting a second order to take home with me, never wanting to be separated from these little bites of goodness again. Think Asian seasoned popcorn chicken and you have pretty much got the idea. Little leaves of fried basil really help lift the dish to the next level.

If I were to be in the general area again, I would certainly have to stop for some tea at Bubble Express. They also have two other locations where I can get my chicken fix!

765 E. Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 545-1708
(301) 545-1709

*Pics courtesy of jumbojumbocafe.com

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