Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bacon Holiday Part I - Bacon Cheeseburger Bloody Mary

The holidays can be a difficult time for someone who doesn't care for sweets. Luckily for me, Santa was kind enough to provide me with a huge array of products featuring the single greatest product known to man, bacon. I plan to share my adventures through these crazy creations with you my loving readers.

To start with, perhaps the most ridiculous present I received this year (by which I mean awesome,) Oxford Falls Bacon Cheeseburger Bloody Mary Mix. Looking at the bottle can prove a little daunting. There seem to actually be pieces of cheese floating in the mix, so clearly they are delivering what is promised on the label.

The taste was actually surprisingly mild. The bacon definitely comes through, and it reminds me a lot of a bull shot, a bloody mary made with beef stock. There is a slight hint of onion in the background which isn't unpleasant in a bloody mary at all and would certainly be expected on a good bacon cheeseburger!

Let it be known now, I am very much of the opinion that if something is good, bacon can only make it better, and in the world of mixed drinks, this seems to ring just as true as with food. While this may have been a gag gift, the end product is actually a really nice beverage. Though the vodka that goes into the glass probably doesn't hurt the enjoyment either!

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