Monday, January 4, 2010

China Bistro (Mama's Dumplings) - Rockville

It's a rarity that I get to make it down to Rockville, an area of MD about 45 minutes south of where I live. This area is chocked to the hills with amazing Asian restaurants. If you have the chance, spend a day eating everywhere in the area. It really is worth it if you enjoy authentic lovingly-made food!

This venture down south was to check out a place a friend recommended that makes their own handmade dumplings. Had I not been told about this place I would have assumed it was just a random Chinese carryout, no different than a million others. The name China Bistro doesn't exactly leap out as the place to get great dumplings, but if you can read Mandarin then that is exactly what it says! The name in Chinese translates into 'Mama's Dumplings.' I am a total dumpling whore and will happily travel for good ones.

What really made this unassuming little strip mall location interesting was the ability to look right into the kitchen and watch these artfully created morsels be made right in front of your eyes! We ordered a large assortment from the Mama's Special, Beef and Celery, to Pork and Dill. It was hard to pick a favorite because I was so busy trying to stop my dining companions from eating them all. You have the ability to choose any of the dumplings on the menu to be fried or steamed, I prefer the latter, but both were deliriously good. The total cost of the meal was about 52 dollars for five diners including tip, which is insanely reasonable considering the vast amount of food we were given (each order of dumplings is around $7.00 and is an order of 12).

Get down to Rockville and give this place a try!

China Bistro
755 Hungerford Dr
Rockville, MD 20847
(301) 294-0808

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