Monday, April 12, 2010

Tokyo - Shibuya - Summer 2008

So last night I met up with a Gaz, whom I was hooked up with through a mutual friend. He was the best guide I could have possibly hoped for, and a really cool guy. I was given a look around some local spots in Shibuya I would have never seen wandering on my own. It always pays to go out with a local. I only wish that I had taken more photos throughout the night, but I guess that just shows how much fun we were having.

Shibuya at night is pure sensory overload. The sights, the people, it's pure Japan and I loved every minute of it. We started the night out at an Izakaya that was jammed to the gills with Japanese students that seemed to only have the ability to chug whatever was in front of them, then go puke, then repeat. It was loud, disorderly, not at all what I thought I would see in Japan, and an excellent experience. The simple sushi platter we ordered was far and away the best sushi I have ever had, and every sushi experience in the states from now on will pale in comparison. Know one thing. If you eat fish in Japan, any fish; it's better than what you are eating in the rest of the world. Fresh, fresh, fresh.

After this we met up with a few of Gaz's co-workers at an Irish style pub. It had an outdoor balcony that looked out onto Shibuyu, and was quite traditional for a foreign pub. The night finished as most nights out in across Asia do, with karaoke! After butchering some Billy Idol and Meatloaf songs, it was time to head home.

I was just in time to make one of the last running subway trains of the evening, but unfortunately after only a few stops the train came to a halt and I was told it was done for the night. I walked out of the station to reluctantly grab a cab back to the hostel. I certainly didn't have any clue how to get back and I was just praying that I would be able to explain where I was trying to go. Getting back wasn't a problem at all, but the cost of the taxi was shocking. It cost me around $38 US to travel about 4 miles. So if you come to Tokyo, support public transportation.

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