Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sushi Sono - Columbia, MD

As a welcome to Eric joining the humble Baltimore blogosphere, I thought I would write up a little review of the place he chose to go for his birthday. Be warned, if you offer to take a well traveled, continually educated, but rarely employed person out to lunch, it will not be cheap. Such is the choice Eric made in Sushi Sono.

Everything at Sushi Sono was run of the mill for your standard suburban Sushi place. This isn't knocking the place at all, but being that I live in Towson where we literally have 8 places for sushi within three blocks, I just start to think these restaurateurs buy a package set up. Kimonos and bandannas behind the bar, floor seating in little recreated private rooms, and nothing on the menu that would scare the Gaijin clientele.

The quality of the fish I ate was excellent. Was it the best I have ever had? Not even close, but these people are trying to do the best they can. I have been so overexposed to contemporary suburban sushi that I think I am totally jaded.

The service was almost overbearing. Remember when Babu Bat was waiting for Jerry to take a sip of water so he could promptly refill it? It was like that. This place is fine, it just isn't exceptional. To have lunch, as we did, for the price we paid; I better have something mind blowing, and it just wasn't. To pay $65 before tip for three people to eat a light lunch struck me as wrong. Again, I am spoiled. This place does nothing wrong or even less than satisfactory, but if you are going to be this expensive, I want Tokyo.

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